v0.2.0 Patch Notes - Steering Clear

Time for another big push of updates! We've reworked the scoring system, added audio and sound effects all over the place, added a new bowling ball ability, and much more!

Major Changes:

  • New bowling ball ability! You can now steer the ball while it's in motion by using the trackpad!
    • We found that a lot of levels were completely luck-based, so we came up with this feature to make it a bit more skill-based. It also eases the frustration on some of the more difficult levels.
  • When you throw a ball, the giant TV shows footage of a camera following directly behind the ball.
    • The first two holes don't have the TV, as the tracks are short enough for it not to be necessary.
    • It's easier to utilize the new steering ability whilst watching the TV footage. You'll see what we mean.
  • New starting level that ensures player is standing in the correct spot at the start of game.
  • New bonus level at end of course. We won't spoil it here.
  • Each stage has ways to increase their score multiplier. It now requires much more strategy to get a crazy score.
  • Added the ability to Skip & Restart holes via the pause menu, along with the ability to return back to the arcade.
  • Completely reworked hole 7 so that it's not as frustratingly difficult (it's still probably the hardest one, however!)
  • Ragdoll physics! I'll say no more.

Minor Changes:

  • Added collision sounds to the environment and characters.
  • Added a whole bunch more bowling balls.
  • Greatly optimized the arcade levels.
  • Added particle effects
  • The plinkers/bumpers on hole 09 now animate and play a sound upon collision.
    • The sound even raises by a semitone with each collision! The level should be much more satisfying now
  • Score at end of level should no longer be confusing.
    • We've hidden away the par system, so it simply shows the total score for holes.

Bug Fixes:

  • You should no longer randomly get stuck at the end of levels.
  • Bowling balls no longer spill over to the next level.
  • Headset will now always fade completely to black when transitioning between levels.


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Version 0.2.0 Oct 26, 2018

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